A year has passed since WBW moved into new offices in Union Street, Torquay. Relocation has proved a great success. As Torquay partner Richard Blair explains: “WBW is proud to be a “high street firm” located in the heart of Torquay. Our old offices were the site of a former bank building. They had had their day. That building was never designed for the needs of a busy, expanding legal practise. The firm outgrew it. There were serious restrictions on what would we could do with the office and the facilities we were able to offer to clients in terms of interview rooms. We never had the slightest intention of moving to premises away from the centre of the town. We were determined to remain in the heart of the town where we could be seen by existing and potential clients. Many walk in knowing they will be attended to right away and seen in modern, comfortable surroundings. It is an office for the 21st century”. The new offices which were created by amalgamating the space formerly occupied by two large shops, have allowed WBW to expand in Torquay, recruiting new and additional staff to provide services across a very broad range of legal areas including commercial and residential property and personal injury claims. The firm caters for clients with a variety of family law needs. It also offers advice and representation to clients in connection with civil litigation and those with criminal law difficulties. The firm has a specialist practice in clinical negligence law with members of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel and the AVMA Solicitors’ Panel. Bright, comfortable and up to date interview facilities are always available no matter how busy the office becomes. Video conferencing facilities can be used in a broad range of cases. The Torquay office is looking forward to another successful and busy year ahead in Union Street.

Image of Richard Blair during the renovation

Author: Richard Blair, Partner