WBW solicitors are pleased to sponsor Devon Pollinators month.

Pollinators, which include bees, moths, butterflies and hoverflies, play a vital role in both nature and our food supply. It is therefore vitally important that we do everything we can to protect these species. Everybody can get involved, from individuals tending their gardens to managers of industrial sites upon which pollinators could thrive.

The decline of the South West’s bee population is a pressing issue, with up to 75% of the areas most threatened bee species having been lost in some counties, whilst three species have become extinct.

As part of our sponsorship WBW have agreed to print 10,000 postcards to help educate people about how to help pollinators survive. For more information about what you can do to help please see DEFRA’s factsheets or visit the Bumblebee conservation trust.

The campaign really kicks into gear this week as Devon Pollinators Month is a  part of Devon County Council’s stand at The Devon County Show. If you are attending the show, please  stop by the stand to receive more information and show your support.  The postcards will be distributed through Natural Devon’s partners and The Devon Federation of Women’s Institutes, who will be actively involved in spreading the word.

WBW are proud to be sponsoring such a worthy cause and we are sure that the month is going to be a big success.

Devon pollinators month takes place throughout July.