WBW Solicitors has proudly raised and donated £300 to the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network to purchase a deluxe double sofa settee to be used in their ‘Memory Maker’ home at Finlake Holiday Park. The staff at WBW raised this money across all 9 offices in Devon and Cornwall through donations from a dress down day where staff wore more casual clothes in comparison to the smarter attire you would normally find them in. These donations came close to the amount required for the settee, with WBW Solicitors donating the rest of the money to take the total to the £300 needed.

The Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN) are a local charity who give memory making holidays to families with serious illnesses and bereavement. The charity is supported by well over 100 local businesses who help the charity by offering services such as free accommodation and free entry. Families who stay in self-catering accommodation are supplied with a good selection of food hampers that are donated from local businesses.

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network started in 2009, welcoming its first family to come on a ‘Memory Making Holiday’ in August. As they approach their tenth anniversary, where to date they have welcomed over 800 families, they wanted to give a ‘makeover’ to their ‘Memory Maker’  home at Finlake Holiday Resort – originally kindly purchased via donations from Miss World – to make it once again a stunning place for the families to stay, enjoy, relax and have fun. WBW’s donation will go towards the costs of this makeover and in particular the purchase of a deluxe double sofa settee, that can be used for any carer or extra sibling to stay – a really important purchase to open up a number of families to use this home.

The network of businesses, groups and individual’s support families facing some of the most heart breaking, terrifying circumstances one can imagine – maybe a son or daughter diagnosed with a serious illness like a brain tumour, or tragically another losing their fight and passing away – or possibly a parent diagnosed with a terminal illness or again horribly passing away.

The family, as a whole, are referred to the charity by organisations such as CLIC Sargent, Great Ormond Street or even our local Rowcroft Hospice where THHN organise a bespoke holiday for them to get away from it all – either staying with a specific hotel, B&B or Self Catering establishment or at one of our two holiday homes – and then, when here, welcomed to visit a number of eateries or attractions, where good memories are formed.

What THHN does is not going to change any situation or cure any illnesses but what it does do is give families something positive to focus on, acts as a good distraction from hospital appointments and situations families are faced with, but most of all it gives families quality time together to build those all-important memories that they will treasure forever.

If you would like to read more about the charity or get in contact with them to offer any services, then you can find them on the link below: