Our personal injury department negotiated a settlement for a motorcyclist after a collision caused by a careless driver.

Mr Wall from Exeter was riding his motorbike in Exeter when a car driver to his left suddenly changed lanes directly into his path giving him no opportunity to take avoiding action. Mr Wall hit the back of the vehicle, his head went through the windscreen and he then fell back on to the road.

Mr Wall was originally taken to the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital where he was admitted for 3-4 days then subsequently transferred to Derriford Hospital for further treatment. As a result of the accident Mr Wall suffered a compression fracture to the pelvis, soft tissue injuries to both elbows and soft tissue injury to his left hand. He had to undergo surgery to his pelvic injury and was not discharged from hospital until 10 days after the accident.

Mr Wall got in touch with us as expert serious injury lawyers to help him secure compensation, recovering his losses incurred and also to gain access to specialist treatment and the rehabilitation he needed to make a full recovery. Mr Wall underwent intensive rehabilitation treatment funded by the car driver’s insurers and we secured a settlement for Mr Wall helping him get back on a relatively even keel following this accident.

Therese Classon, Partner in the personal injury team who dealt with Mr Wall’s case said, “We see first-hand the devastating impact serious collisions such as Mr Wall’s accident has on the victims. It is imperative that drivers are aware of vulnerable road users and take precautions to ensure their driving behaviour does not put others at risk. Mr Wall suffered serious injuries but all credit to him as he participated in his rehabilitation treatment positively resulting in a very good recovery from serious injury.”

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