Cost Information

Below you will find our legal fees and likely disbursements for Debt Recovery up to £100,000.

Legal Fees Cost VAT*
Failed Pre-Action £50 – £150 (dependent on claim amount) Yes
Issue Proceedings £75 – £500 (dependent on claim amount) Yes
Obtaining Judgment £60 – £80 Yes
*VAT is charged at 20% on Services and Disbursements.
Enforcing Judgment Legal Fees Cost VAT*
Order for Questioning £200 Yes
Attachment of Earnings £200 Yes
Third Part Debt Order £200 Yes
Charging Order £500 Yes
Warrant of Control £150 Yes
Writ of Control £150 Yes
Statutory Demand £150 Yes
Bankruptcy Petition £600 Yes
Winding Up Petition £700 Yes
*VAT is charged at 20% on Services and Disbursements.
Disbursements Cost VAT*
Court Fees Please refer to HMCTS website (dependent on claim amount) No
Tracing Fees From £75 No
Office Copy Entry Fee £3 Yes
Process Server Fees £100 No
Writ Enforcement Officer Abortive Fee £90 Yes
Advocate fees Yes
Affidavit fee £5 plus £2 per exhibit Yes
Official Receiver’s fee Please refer to HMCTS website No
Estimated Overall Cost £3,308 – £3,853 + VAT + Disbursements without the cost listed
*VAT is charged at 20% on Services and Disbursements.

Service Information

Key Stages of Process Time Spent on Each Stage
Pre-action checks 1 hour
Sending a letter before action 30 minutes
Issuing legal proceedings 1 hour
Obtaining and enforcing judgment 30 minutes
Recovery of interest 30 minutes
Telephone collections 1 hour
High Court Enforcement / bailiffs 3 hours
Third party debt orders 3 hours
Attachment of earnings orders 3 hours
Charging Order 4 hours
Warrant of Control 2 hours
Writ of Control 2 hours
Statutory Demand 2 hours
Bankruptcy Petition 5 hours
Winding Up Petition 7 hours

Legal Terminology and Definitions
Disbursements – Costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as the court fee. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Personnel Information

Private Charging Rates, Experience and Qualifications
If we do not work for you under the terms of a Legal Aid Certificate or Contingency Fee Agreement basis or fixed fee matter, we will charge you with the following schedule of fees, all charges listed below are subject to VAT. VAT is charged at 20% on Services and Disbursements.

Fee Earner Status Hourly Rate Qualifications
Head of Debt Recovery – Portia Woodhouse Chartered Legal Executive £215 LLB; BVC; FCILEx
Justin Osborne Partner £220 Solicitor; LLB Hons Degree
Jenny Kemp Associate £195 Solicitor
Kate Maslen Partner £220 BA Hons; Solicitor
Thomas Lewis Associate Solicitor £200 LLB; LPC; Civil and Commercial Accredited Mediator; Civil Higher Rights; Post Graduate Certificate in Commercial Law
Stephanie Wintle Chartered Legal Executive £150 FCILEx