Clinical Negligence The festive season has come and gone and left most of us a little lighter in our bank accounts and a little more over-weight than usual. Food and family are the two main components which make up this wonderful time, and while I hope that you survived the food overload and family games which inevitably lead to family arguments, some people may not have got away as scot free. Hospital admissions rise over the festive season, which is well known, but the reasons behind this may surprise you. Bizarre stories including a patient that waited for hours as his new shoes that he had been given for Christmas were giving him blisters. One child was admitted for getting a toy from a cracker stuck in their ear. Another man cut himself while shaving and thought is necessary to call an ambulance, by the time he got to the hospital he was no longer bleeding. And one very bizarre scenario was of a man dressed as Father Christmas who wanted to climb down the chimney for his children to deliver their presents, he’d tied a rope around his waist (quite sensibly) and tied the other end of the rope to the bumper of his car, whilst merrily distributing the presents down the chimney, his wife got in the car and drove away!

Whilst all these accidents may lead to amusing and bizarre stories it does leave the hospitals increasingly busier during this time and sadly with some patients who clearly could have avoided being there. Added to this is the increasing number of people coming from those who cannot get a consultation with their GP leaving them with no choice but to take themselves off to A&E. The Daily Mail reported that more than 70,000 people were admitted to hospital on Christmas Day in 2014. This influx of patients leaves doctors and nurses understandably under huge amounts of pressure with an unrealistic balance between time and work load. But what does this mean for your health and treatment? Long delays firstly, with many clinics running up to two hours late leaving many patients feeling abandoned whilst waiting to see a doctor. One lady expressed her views on Patient Opinion saying that whilst sitting in the waiting room one is forced to watch a television screen proclaiming how good the hospital performance is, which appears to be quite ironic as patients are left waiting to be attended to.

Another question that begs to be answered is what impact does this have on the service given? With hospital staff being under enormous pressure, the increase of patients may lead to mistakes and misdiagnosis being made. All of which are inexcusable when it comes to our health. When medical treatment falls below the standard that you would expect and you feel you have not received the right treatment, you need answers.

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