The Importance of a WillThe number of people who have not drafted, not updated or have inaccurately drafted Wills is always startling as many consider it an essential element of planning for the future. Interestingly, this is just as evident with people holding huge fortunes as it is with those with a little less to manage. In one instance that we recently read, Janice, 54 and her sister visited the solicitor’s office for the reading of the Will after their mother passed away. Only then did Janice learn that their mother had bequeathed everything to Janice’s sister, so she was to receive nothing. This came as a massive shock to her as her mother had advised her that she would split everything equally between the sisters, Janice was of course was very emotional as she didn’t understand why her mother wouldn’t want to her to have anything. The likely cause of this was due to her mother not updating her Will before she died, unfortunately, if the Will is not correctly drafted or updated then it can prove to inaccurately portray an individual’s final wishes. Janice did contest this Will and eventually after the help of her solicitors and courts, she came away with quarter of the estate. It is advised that you re-visit your Will every couple of years to ensure that it is still accurate and reflects your wishes for your estate. Frightening figures have emerged stating that nine out of ten under 35’s and two thirds of those aged between 35 and 54 are living without a Will, despite 92% of people having a firm idea of who they would want their money to go to when they die, according to a survey by The total figure of those without a Will is a 2 million increase on last year in the UK. After hearing these figures, it’s hardly surprising that the numbers of people who have unnecessary stress and anguish sorting out an estate at an already distressing time. Many people maybe told in person by their loved one what their wishes are when they die but then if their Will does not reflect this or they do not have a Will in place to advise either way, when the time comes it can unfortunately mean a difficult and very emotional legal battle to ensure their wishes are correctly executed. WBW Solicitors understands that dealing with bereavement can be very stressful and emotional after the loss of a loved one and this is why our expertly trained solicitors can guide you through this difficult time. Whether you are unsure if you should contest a Will or if you need to understand the legal steps to doing so we are here to discuss the options available to you and the best solution to suit your desired outcome. If you would like to talk to someone in our highly experienced and approachable Private Client team please call the teams new client co-ordinator’s Jacqui Neate or Kate Oakden on 01626 202 366 or via email; or