1. Pay deduction orange purse
    Beware the pitfalls of deducting employees’ pay – by Kerry Curd of WBW Solicitors

    Employers often get caught out by thinking that they can simply deduct money from an employee’s next pay packet if they owe them money. However, the law surrounding the deduction of wages is not as clear what many employers might assume. Our Employment Department run through some of the common pitfalls below to ensure that…

  2. clocks go back
    Employers – What to do the night the clocks go back? – by Kerry Curd of WBW Solicitors

    There’s one thing sure to change in Britain at the end of October – no, not us leaving the EU (Brex-what!?) – the clocks change back from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time of course. This means that, at 2 o’clock in the morning on Sunday 27th October, we effectively gain an extra hour…