1. consultancy agreement
    Ensure any strategic project is underpinned by a consultancy agreement – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    Organisational change is rarely easy, whether this is the implantation of a new IT system, rebranding or cultural change such as improving diversity within a workforce.  It is time-consuming for senior management, requiring a diversion from ‘business as usual’ and may require skills or experience which are not available within the business. Often a consultant…

  2. NDA
    The value of a non-disclosure agreement – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    In the last few months, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have generated a significant amount of negative press coverage as notable individuals and organisations have utilised them to conceal certain questionable behaviour. While the media focus has been on their use in cases of sexual harassment and bullying, non-disclosure agreements can be very valuable in a variety…