1. Exeter High Street Shops Lease
    Options when your landlord breaches a commercial lease – by Thomas Lewis of WBW Solicitors

    Under a typical commercial lease, the landlord has fewer obligations than the tenant but they are significant: maintaining and insuring the building, providing services and not interfering with the tenant’s right to occupy.  Any breach could affect a commercial tenant’s business and cause problems for staff, customers and suppliers. ‘A commercial tenant’s main priority will…

  2. commercial building lease assignment
    Consent to lease assignment: quick guide for commercial landlords – by Matthew Scott-Tucker of WBW Solicitors

    A sensible landlord will take great care when picking an initial tenant and should exercise the same caution when deciding whether that tenant should be allowed to assign their lease to someone else.  The difficulty with an assignment is that the circumstances in which consent can be refused are restricted by law, making it crucial…