1. commercial contract payment terms
    Payment terms in your commercial contracts – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    When you extend credit to a customer it is very easy to forget that it is the same as handing over cash. In order to preserve and protect the financial health of your business, it is vitally important to ensure that you regularly review and update your contractual terms with your customers, suppliers and contractors….

  2. commercial agents
    Commercial agents – what are the risks? – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    Appointing a commercial agent is one way of entering a market for your business, and it can be a good way to test the water in a foreign country without the commitment of employing somebody. In broad terms, an agency relationship is one which allows another person to do something on your behalf, or on…

  3. business commercial contract
    Best or reasonable endeavours? What a difference a word makes – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    Once signed, a contract represents a formal record of the agreement made between you and your customer. The obligations under that agreement are often absolute, with any failure to satisfy them will be considered a breach of contract which could result in a dispute, and considerable expense. With this in mind, there may well be…

  4. Continuous improvement – or an unexpectedly costly invention?

    Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement are buzzwords in almost every organisation, as businesses seek to identify something that will give them a competitive edge and ultimately improve their profitability. Some companies take a structured approach to generating new products and designs, with a dedicated research and development team and active management of their intellectual property…