Here at WBW we value every one of our team members. Each member of staff has their own stories, motivations and reasons why they enjoy working for WBW. So we’ve decided to post a series of questions and answers with a staff member from one of our 9 offices. Today we talk to Jacqui Neate, Graduate Member of CILEX in our Torquay Office.

What made you decide to go into law?

My mother was a police officer so I grew up around the law but I remember her saying she didn’t want me to go down that route because of the things she had seen so I decided to become a lawyer instead.

What makes WBW different to the other firms you have worked for?

I’ve been with WBW for nearly 10 years, having spent 5 years with another firm before.  I’ve seen WBW go from strength to strength and their primary focus is always doing the best by their clients.

Why do you enjoy your particular field?

I love working with people and in my field I start a relationship with my clients mostly during difficult and emotional times in their lives and I find it very rewarding being able to help them, even just a little when they really need it most.

What have been the most interesting developments in your industry during 2020?

I have many things to say about 2020, but I believe the detrimental financial impact the year has had on many individuals has lead to an increase in claims being made against estates for financial provision.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your profession?

People often think of lawyers as robots and the comment I get the most is how clients love how ‘normal’ we all are.

Surprise us…

I met by soon to be husband whilst working at WBW and we now have a gorgeous 2 year old boy.

Should you have a private client matter that you wish to discuss with Jacqui please contact her by telephone 01803 382809 or by email