Here at WBW we value every one of our team members. Each member of staff has their own stories, motivations and reasons why they enjoy working for WBW. So we’ve decided to post a series of questions and answers with a staff member from one of our 9 offices. Today we talk to Emma Oakley, Private Client Advisor in our Launceston Office.

What made you decide to go into law?

I needed a change from my current career and after having my son made me realise that I wanted to do something that I could be proud of. An opportunity came up and I grabbed it with both hands.

What makes WBW different to the other firms you have worked for?

WBW is a lot different to other firms. The firm has excellent expertise across most areas of law which is very reassuring for our clients, but from a personal point of view, WBW is very family orientated and understands the importance of family. We all have other commitments outside of work and WBW ensure there is a good work/life balance.

Why do you enjoy your particular field?

I know it sounds cliché but meeting people. Working in Launceston I meet people from all walks of life. From farmers, to families, business owners to the elderly. It’s really lovely meeting a client for the first time and starting a new relationship with them.

What have been the most interesting developments in your industry during 2020?

Covid has been such a dreadful experience for everyone but it has taught us how resilient we are and so is the legal industry. The industry has had to make a lot of changes to how we meet clients, how we communicate with them and still provide a good service. Working from home has become our new “normal” and the industry has changed to help with these new norms. Will signings in particular were very regiment and now we can even witness a Will virtually!

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your profession?

That we are unapproachable. Sometimes clients get really worried about their first meeting with us and have a preconceived idea of how they think things will go. Honestly, we are as normal as the next guy and even have a sense of humour! We are a friendly bunch and all we want to do is make their experience a positive one.

Should you have a private client matter that you wish to discuss with Emma, please contact her by telephone 01566 771107 or by email