Here at WBW, we value every one of our team members. Each member of staff has their own stories, motivations and reasons why they enjoy working for WBW.

Today we talk to Conleth Fernandes, who recently joined the WBW team.  Conleth specialises in residential conveyancing and is a lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur FC, Bath rugby and Hull Rugby League clubs.

So Conleth, what made you decide to go into law?
My father worked in law and I admired the work that he did. I had a desire to represent those that did not have a voice and ensure they would be heard.

Describe your specialism/area of work?
I now specialise in residential property conveyancing, but have, in the past, undertaken a variety of work including crime.

Why do you enjoy your particular field?
I enjoy meeting people and helping them move into their dream homes.

What have been the most interesting developments in your industry during 2018?
The lengths to which Lawyers are now expected to go, to verify client identities and source of funds.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your profession?
That Lawyers are slow and expensive. However, much of the delay is often caused by matters over which Lawyers have no control (e.g. searches, mortgage offers etc.). The hourly rate compared to Accountants, Dentists and the like is very competitive and most Lawyers will care greatly about the interests of their clients.

A bit about you…
During my career, I have undertaken a wide variety of work including Matrimonial, Private Client, Commercial, Criminal and Property. I have met many different people with a variety of needs. I have enjoyed representing them and continue to have a loyal following. I used to play, football and Rugby League to a reasonably high standard before injuries took their toll.

Your favourite TV show?
BBC News.

Must-read book?
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Lastly, surprise us. . .
When I was 17, I ran the 100 metres in 10.4 seconds, which, at the time, was 0.5 seconds outside the world record.

Thanks for your time Conleth, we will be sure to pick up a copy of your must-read book.

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