A convicted sex offender has been refused any involvement in his young son’s future save for a single letter explaining his absence if the boy ever asks about his father when he is older. In view of his criminal history, a family judge stripped the father of his parental rights in relation to his eight-year-old son.

The man had been sentenced to imprisonment for sexually abusing two young girls and, whilst still in custody, stated his wish to have contact with his son upon his release, following which the boy and his mother moved to a secret location. After his release, the man applied to the High Court for updates on his son’s progress, including photographs, school reports and medical records.

In response, the mother urged the court to remove the man parental responsibility in respect of his son in the light of his convictions. The court granted that application and directed that the man should not be given any information relating to the boy as this would adversely affect his welfare.

The court stated: “The boy is the biological child of the father and as an aspect of his emotional needs he, like every other child, should grow up with some understanding of his origins and, wherever possible, a relationship with each biological parent. However, in certain circumstances, those needs most give way to more important considerations, in particular, the need for emotional security. I conclude that the child’s emotional security would be imperilled were the father to continue to have any further involvement in his life.”

However, accepting a proposal put forward by the boy’s guardian, the court ruled that the man should be permitted to write a letter to the boy, to be held by the mother until such a time as her son asks about his father.