All drivers involved in an accident, which causes someone personal injury, have a duty under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to stop and provide their contact and insurance details or report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

Sadly though, this does not always happen with ‘hit and run’ accidents being far too prevalent in Devon and Cornwall particularly in the busy tourist season. Drivers speed off without stopping because they panic and do not want to get involved (even if it is their fault) or because they are uninsured or do not have a driving licence.

Therese Classon, expert personal injury solicitor at WBW Solicitors explains what you should do and how you might claim compensation if you have been injured in a hit and run accident.

If you have been hurt in a road traffic accident – for example, if a car mounts the pavement and hits you or strikes you as you cross the road – and the driver responsible fails to stop and provide their details (or gives you false details), you should report the matter to the police straight away who will hopefully be able to take measures to track down the culprit.

Take details of any potential witnesses at the scene to see if they recorded the offending car’s registration number and get an account of what they saw. Take as many photographs as you can and if there is CCTV which may have captured the accident, request a copy from the CCTV operator.

If the driver cannot be traced, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). You can approach the MIB directly, but it is advisable to engage a specialist personal injury lawyer who knows the procedure for making a claim, as MIB matters can be complex. Your lawyer will help you gather witness statements and medical evidence and put together all the paperwork needed to strengthen your claim.

If you have a lawyer representing you, they can also make sure your case gets reviewed if the compensation offered by the MIB is too low and ensure you receive a fair amount to cover your physical injuries as well as any compensation required to cover mental trauma, loss of earnings and medical and rehabilitation expenses.

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