Summer is still with us and it is great to get out on your bike and enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts.

Unfortunately it also means that at this time of year there are more people on the roads and therefore the chances of being involved in an accident increases. iStock_000016472351_Large

For those of you unfortunate to suffer an accident, if you have legal expenses under your bike insurance, you will, out of the blue, receive contact from a firm of solicitors you know nothing about. They will have been appointed for you under your legal expenses insurance.

It is a common mistake to think you are obliged to use these solicitors to pursue a claim – you are not. You are under no obligation whatsoever to use them at all.

Very often these solicitors are not local to where you live so you cannot just pop in to see them with any queries you may have. Generally, under your legal expenses insurance, the case is not assigned to an individual solicitor and it is dealt with in a factory run organisation, so when you telephone you do not get to speak to the same person twice – which can make your life stressful and annoying.

Your legal expenses insurers may try to pressurise you to use the firm of solicitors appointed on your behalf, but do not be bullied into this. Make your own choice based on your own particular needs.

If you are unfortunate to have an accident contact us– we are local solicitors and will appoint a named individual to handle your case from start to finish. A solicitor whom you can call and email or pop in and see, knowing they will be dealing with your case personally.

Therese Classon is a Partner at WBW Solicitors, within the Personal Injury team. She specialises in all aspects of personal injury work and is a keen biker herself. Therese can be contacted on 01626 202328 or by email at