Here at WBW, we value every one of our team members. Each member of staff has their own stories, motivations and reasons why they enjoy working for WBW Solicitors.

Today we talk to Laura Thompson, an Associate in the Private Client team in our Launceston office.

What is your role at WBW and what area of law do you specialise in?

I am an Associate Solicitor and work in the Private Client Department, dealing with Wills, Powers of Attorney, estate administration and trusts. 

What did you want to be when you were young?

What didn’t I want to be! I wanted to be a ballerina, a teacher, a police officer, I wanted to serve in the RAF as a pilot, then by the time I was 12 I wanted to be a lawyer.

What was your first full-time job?

I was a caseworker for Kent Police in their Road Traffic Administration Unit, which meant that I was processing information from Police Officers’ handwritten notes and reports following road accidents.

What inspired you to specialise in your area of law?

When I was studying my Legal Practice Course after completing my degree, I enjoyed the private client module above all others. However, when I began practising as a fee earner, I think I naturally fell into working in personal injury law because of my experience working with Kent Police. That evolved into specialising in medical negligence as time passed. After a few years, my changing family circumstances meant that I could take the plunge and move into a new area of law so I snapped up the chance to work in private client and have never looked back!

What do you like the most about the town you work in?

Having grown up in a much bigger town and experiencing part of my adult life living on the outskirts of London, it is lovely to live in a smaller town where a greater sense of community exists.

What has been the best moment in your career?

The best moment was qualifying as a solicitor in 2011, through a slightly unconventional route, and attending my admissions ceremony at the Law Society with my parents looking on with pride. My father has since passed away, but I am so pleased that he was able to be there with me to see all my hard work pay off.

What has been the most challenging part of your career?

The greatest challenge for me was leaving my comfort zone and re-specialising in a different area of law. I had gone from having considerable experience and knowledge in my day-to-day work to being a complete novice in an area of law that was quite different.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your profession?

That lawyers are all just in it for money.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I would say that the highlight of my (limited) experience of travelling would be my time in Japan in 2013. However, there are so many more countries I would like to visit!

Who has been an inspiration for you?

To be honest, I would say that I am inspired every day by my oldest friends, those I have known since I was small and those that I became close to during secondary school. We may not see each other very often these days, but we are still close. I look up to each and every one of them as they have all shown bravery and strength in one way or another.

An interesting fact about me is…

I belong to the Gravesend Eagles Motorcycle Club and used to compete in motorbike trials when I was young, riding my first motorbike when I was 8.

Should you have a Private Client matter that you wish to discuss with Laura, please contact her by telephone on 01566 771022 or email [email protected].