Madeleine Mason from our Exeter office is bravely running the London Marathon on Sunday for mental health charity, Mind.

This year is set to be one of the hottest London marathons on record with temperatures in London expecting to hit over 20 degrees. Not a race for the faint hearted at the best of times but Madeleine has been taking it all in her stride, quite literally.

Madeleine started training properly in late November 2017, early December. She started by doing 3-4 mile runs a couple of times a week, combined with some cross training (yoga, resistance, weights classes etc). Unfortunately, the dreaded Winter bugs caught up with Madeleine and over New Year she came down with a nasty bout of flu, which really set her back.

She had to wait until she was fully recovered before she could start training again. A nasty side effect from the flu was a discovery that it had triggered a form of asthma, Madeleine is now carrying an inhaler with her on runs to combat any breathing difficulties. The impact of the asthma has been that it has slowed her down a little, but overall, she can still train as normal.

She has been slowly building up the distance, the longest run to date during training was 18 miles (Exmouth to Exeter and back) which was tough but gave her the confidence that she could keep going and conquer the miles.

Over the past couple of weeks, she has been tapering down the distances and concentrating on staying healthy and injury free. Madeleine said, “I am a bit nervous about Sunday but so excited to be part of such a huge event”.

The team here at WBW Solicitors will all be rooting for Madeleine on Sunday. For those who wish to donate to the mental health charity Mind, here is the link –

Also, if you would like to track her progress on Sunday. Madeleine’s running number is 4967 so you can track her progress on the official website –

Good Luck Madeleine!