Jane Couch of WBW Solicitors was very sad to read of the delay in diagnosing cancer that was highlighted in AvMA’s (Action against Medical Accidents) recent correspondence which stated that last month, a report from the charity Cancer Research UK found that almost half of cancers are diagnosed at a late stage costing lives and money. The report also found that there is nearly a threefold variation between the highest and lowest performing local clinical commissioning groups.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Sara Hion, Director of Information at Cancer Research UK, said: “Some GPs were not spotting enough cases of suspected cancer, while in other cases, delays occurred after they tried to refer patients to specialists.”

This is not a new concern. In 2010 the then National Patient Safety Agency released the paper ‘Delayed diagnosis of cancer: Thematic Review’ which explored the issues of patient safety around delayed diagnosis of cancer.

Jane has dealt with a number of such cases and stated: “It is really very depressing that the failure to promptly diagnose and treat cancer has not improved since it was highlighted as a problem four years ago. A delay in diagnosis can be devastating to both the individual and their family.”

If you feel you have not received the prompt treatment you should have, or have concerns about your treatment, Jane is a member of both the AvMA and the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panels and offers a free initial consultation. She can be contacted on 01626 202413.