During Covid-19, we’re finding that many businesses are reaching out for employment law and commercial legal advice and guidance. The government is doing its best to keep the economy going with regular updates but, with the rate of change being so rapid, it’s difficult to run a business of any size in these challenging circumstances. That’s where we can come in – at WBW, we offer a range of employment law and commercial services that can help keep your business running as smoothly as possible during these uncertain times.

Employment law is a complex and ever-changing area at the best of times, and the outbreak of Covid-19 has only added to this. We are experiencing an unprecedented level of developments on almost a daily basis. Businesses are finding it easy to fall behind on what they are obliged to do as employers and what their employees are entitled to.

So, if you find yourselves in this position, remember that our employment law team is here to help you navigate this legal minefield. This doesn’t just include redundancy and Furlough Agreements – businesses might want to think about getting their contracts of employment or staff handbooks in order too – especially considering the rule changes being implemented on 6th April. From 6th April, all workers and employees are entitled to receive a written statement of terms of employment from their start date. Prior to this, only employees had this entitlement, and employers had two months to organise this from the employee’s start date.

In the coming months, businesses will know only too well that cashflow is going to be key, so you don’t need us to point out that every effort should be made to ensure there are no unnecessary stumbling blocks. However, some things can easily slip under the radar. For example, do you have adequate Service Agreements in place? Or well drafted Terms & Conditions? In this economic climate, these should be tightened up as much as possible, as the difference between an invoice payment made within 7 days compared to 28, or the ability to charge interest, could make all the difference. This is where our commercial team can help.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you get your business as prepared as possible for the difficult months ahead, please feel free to contact either KerryCurd@wbw.co.uk employment law expert or LauraClarke@wbw.co.uk who specialises in commercial law.