The Courts continue to report increasing numbers of inheritance claims, and with high profile inheritance disputes such as those surrounding the estates of Sir Jimmy Saville and the Earl of Cardigan, its unsurprising that people are becoming more aware of the avenues available to them, but, is a general awareness of rights the only reason?

WBW’s specialist Contentious Probate solicitor, Amy Kernohan, says “there has undoubtedly been a significant increase in inheritance claims over the last few years but peoples awareness of the claims they can bring, and their willingness to litigate, cannot be the only reason. In my opinion factors such as complex family relationships, people living longer, the value of peoples estates and the credit crunch are also significant contributing factors.”

Inheritance disputes are complex and call for lawyers with expertise not only in general litigation but also in the specific probate issues to which these claims relate. It is also important for advice to be sought from someone who understands the difficulties associated with facing a claim following the loss of a loved one and proceedings with the claim with the compassion required.

If you are facing an inheritance dispute, whether bringing or defending a claim, and wish to obtain advice and assistance from a specialist in this complex area of law, contact Amy Kernohan at WBW Solicitors for a free no obligation discussion.