How to make a claim for clinical negligenceFor the vast majority of people, visiting the doctor, getting hospital treatment or having an operation has a positive effect on their health.However, it’s a fact of life that mistakes are made. And often, these mistakes lead to further injuries, health damage and, in some cases, life-changing injuries or conditions.

Clinical negligence can leave you unable to work or with a significant financial burden, such as care costs, therapy, equipment or special adaptations to your home.In these circumstances, you’ll be entitled to financial compensation, so it’s important to know what steps you should take.First, you should get in touch with a specialist clinical negligence solicitor. They’ll be able to explain how the process works, what you need to do and whether it’s worth pursuing a claim.You have three years from the date of your injury – or from when you were aware of the injury – to make a claim. For children, this starts from when they’re 18, and there’s no time limit for people who are mentally incapacitated.This is an important point, because solicitors will need time to investigate what happened to you before deciding to make a claim.

As part of the process, you’ll speak with healthcare professionals who work with the solicitors. Their expertise will help assess whether mistakes were to blame for your condition or injury and if you have a case.Once enough evidence has been gathered, a claim will be made to the GP, hospital or whoever was responsible. Their solicitors will then decide whether to accept the claim or challenge it in court.The prospect of going to court is frightening for many people. And while it’s always a possibility, in reality the vast majority of cases (98% according to the NHS Litigation Authority) are settled out of court.How much money you’ll be entitled to will depend on a number of factors, like the severity of your injury, the impact it has on your life, and how it will affect you in the future.The most common way of funding a claim for medical negligence is through a conditional fee agreement or, as it’s usually known, a no-win-no-fee arrangement. In this instance, you’ll only pay anything if your claim is successful.

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