A survey can be very important when you are purchasing a property.  Buying a property it is an investment, and it may seem like a further expense at an already costly time, but it can be money well spent.  We would recommend that you have a survey carried out as the surveyor will visit the property you are purchasing, whereas, we don’t.

If you have any specific concerns about the property you are interested in, it may be worth contacting a surveyor at an early stage so they can review your concerns.

You can commission a survey at any time during the conveyancing process, but if you have one carried out early in the transaction, it can help to resolve any issues raised in a timely manner.

If you are having a mortgage on the property, we recommend that you have your own survey carried, as the valuation that your mortgage lender will carry out is not the same thing as a survey, and will not provide you with the same level of information.

There are three levels of survey that you can have carried out.  These are:-

  • A Condition Report – this is the most basic and the cheapest.  This survey uses a traffic light system, green means it is OK, orange there is some cause for concern, red means there are serious repairs that are vital.
  • Homebuyer Report – this is the middle of the road of survey.  It is more extensive than the condition report and it will provide a more in depth inspection.  The survey will provide a summary of anything that might affect the value of the property.  It will also provide general information on the area and any matters that should be given legal considerations.
  • Building Survey – this is the most comprehensive survey and also the most expensive.  This survey carries out a thorough inspection.  This survey will provide advice on repair options and the estimate costs if anything is revealed.  The survey will also provide advice and consideration for your solicitor.  This type of survey is most suitable for an older, larger or unusual properties including listed buildings.

A survey could save you money, a surveyor can report any major repairs that will be required to the property for example works to the roof, chimney or damp at the property.

If you noticed anything that may have caused you concern when you visited the property like a hairline crack this is something that a surveyor will be able to advise you on the seriousness of.

A survey can reveal if there are any structural problems with the property.  If anything is highlighted by your survey it will give you the opportunity to try and resolve the issue with the sellers prior to proceeding with the purchase of the property.

When you have had a survey carried out please forward a copy to your solicitor even if it seems that there are no major causes for concern.

If you are looking for a surveyor the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors website provides a list of surveyors.  It can be a good idea to pick a local surveyor to the property as they will have a local knowledge.

If you are considering in purchasing a property and would like a no-obligation quote, please contact Emma Pearce on 01392 260121 or email emmapearce@wbw.co.uk.