An intrepid Devon solictor joined local businesses to raise money for WaterAid at Meldon reservoir recently.

Donna Rowland of WBW Solicitors was one of a handful of volunteers who have raised £4,620 for the charity by walking the length of the reservoir, carrying 20kg of water.

The challenge reflected the daily burden faced by millions of women and girls all over the World who make similar trips every day, carrying water on their heads weighing up to 20kg.

All the money will be used by WaterAid to provide safe water, hygiene, and sanitation in Monze, a province of Zambia.

Donna, who works in Newton Abbot offices of WBW Solicitors, said: “It was a real challenge and highlighted what thousands of women and children in the world have to endure on a daily basis.

“I am delighted that we have raised such a large sum of money for WaterAid to help the people of Monze region”

The event was organised by H5O, South West Water’s engineering delivery alliance.
Andy Woolston, from H5O, said: “By completing this challenge, we hope to raise awareness of the 748 million people who lack access to safe, clean water and sanitation as well as raising as much money as possible to help WaterAid address this injustice.”

To learn more about WaterAid visit and log on to find out more about WBW Solicitors.