1. What are care proceedings?

    This is the formal process where a Local Authority asks a Court to have your child taken into care and gives the Local Authority ‘parental responsibility’ which means they have a legal right to make decisions which affect your child such as where they live, where they go to school and about other important decisions….

  2. I agreed my child could be accommodated whilst I sorted some things out – now the Local Authority won’t let my child come home, what do I do?

    Under s.20, the Local Authority can only accommodate your child with your consent. Usually we would first write a letter saying that you no longer consent to this arrangement and you want your child to return home within a set time, usually a week. If your child is not returned then this will force the…

  3. I have received a pre proceedings letter from the Local Authority, is it important ?

    It is extremely important. The Local Authority should set out their concerns in the letter and this is a final notice so if you do not follow its instructions then you may have to go to Court and your child could be taken into care.

  4. Social Services want to take my children from me, what should I do?

    The Local Authority has a legal duty to ‘safeguard protect and promote the welfare of children’ in their area. If a Local Authority thinks that a child is at risk of harm or neglect they have to take action. If agreements cannot be made then the only way the Local Authority can share ‘parental responsibility’…