Depending upon the particular circumstances of the case, where a person is in immediate danger or at risk of significant harm, an application to the Court can be made without a former partner knowing to ensure that the Court can make urgent orders which are enforceable as soon as the Order has been delivered to them. The order is usually delivered by an enquiry agent, someone who does that work and who unconnected to you. This type of application is known as a ‘without notice” or “ex parte” as the hearing will be held without notice having been given to a former partner. Any order which is made in this way must be listed for a second hearing as soon as possible so that the Judge can hear what that person has to say too and can decide whether the Order should stay in place or changed or removed. Immediate protection is available for victims of domestic abuse without having to face the perpetrator at the outset where certain circumstances are met, in most cases victims must also always be aware that at a second hearing they will usually have to see the other person involved. Security arrangements can be made at most Courts such as separate waiting rooms and in very serious circumstances the Court can excuse the attendance of the victim.