Which is the right option for you will depend upon a number of factors such as whether your husband or wife intends to contest the divorce,

  • whether there are any complicating factors to your separation such as disputes over children or money,
  • whether you know which reason you wish to rely upon to prove that your marriage has broken down,
  • how easy you find it to fill in forms and deal with official documents yourself.

A free initial consultation with one of experienced family solicitors will help you decide which is the best option for you and explain details of likely costs, whether your concern is in relation to a divorce, children, finances or a combination of all three. During that meeting we will give you information about the process but there is unlikely to be enough time to give detailed advice. If you think you will need or it would help to have more detailed advice rather than just information, we can offer what we call a diagnostic meeting for a set fee which will also enable you to make such decisions with confidence.