WBW offer a variety of service levels which are intended to meet the needs of our clients; these are based upon the type of case, its complexity and how much assistance a client may need or want. We recommend that any decision about the help a client needs takes place after a free initial consultation as a client can assess the best option for them. The service levels which we offer are

  • Assisted – WBW will provide you with the relevant information and the assisted package also includes 30 minutes advice by telephone or email to assist you as the matter progresses.
  • Supported – WBW will undertake certain aspects of the case for you for a fixed price and on the basis that the case meets certain criteria, for example in the case of divorce, if it is an uncontested matter and you know where the other party is.
  • Represented – WBW will undertake all of the work no matter what comes up and will provide details of anticipated costs at the outset and then up-dates on a monthly basis.
  • Where it is available, WBW also offer legal aid.