You may go to the Court office to issue the petition and statement of arrangements for children (see answer C below) at the outset of the case and you may go to the court office to process documents during the case but you should not have to appear in court in front of a judge.  An undefended divorce is a “paper exercise”. The court processes the divorce documents and sends out the  paperwork to you.  You may be required to attend court if there is an dispute about who is going to pay for the divorce or if the judge has a query about the petition and requests that you attend. This is an unusual situation and most people never go into a court room about their divorce although they may go to court about concerns and disagreements over the care of children or money but these are separate proceedings from the divorce itself. Please note that the procedure is private.  The only people who will see the contents of the petition and other documents will be the solicitors (if involved), the court clerk and the judge.