a_christmas_tree_decorationWith all the careful planning which goes into the perfect family Christmas, should there not be some careful planning for the time that children spend with each parent too?

For many Christmas is the most special time of the year and a time when many families come together; for those whose families are affected by separation or divorce Christmas can be a particularly painful time and agreeing arrangements so the children can spend time with both parts of their family and enjoy it can be a thorny issue.

The temptation to leave it to the last minute as it is such a difficult subject to raise is immense, however, early discussion and planning can ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable time, the children, parents and grandparents and wider family circle.

At WBW we will always try to assist you to negotiate realistic arrangements and if negotiations break down, and a court application is needed we can help with that too.

Any court involvement, if it is required, needs to be begun early, as the process takes many weeks.

Mediation should not be overlooked at any time; even after many years of separation parents sometimes lose sight of the child’s relationship with the other parent as it is rarely witnessed by them, meeting to discuss matters on a regular basis with the support of another professional can also be extremely valuable.

So whilst plans are made for Christmas lunch and the rest of the festive period, make plans for the children and with whom they can enjoy that special time of year.

Our family department here at WBW Solicitors has a wealth of experience in supporting clients in dealing with children matters and contact orders. Should you require any assistance in this regard please do not hesitate to contact us on 01626 202404, or email Fiona Yellowlees on fionayellowlees@wbw.co.uk for a confidential conversation on how we can help.