With high profile and “celebrity” inheritance claims making their way into the headlines, there will be little surprise to hear that inheritance claims are on the rise. With complex family relationships, high property values and the pinch of the current economic climate it follows that disputes will arise. What people may find shocking, however, is by just how much. The Courts are reporting a staggering 176% increase in High Court cases concerning disputed Wills!

What constitutes an inheritance claim?

1. You have not been reasonably provided for when a loved one passed away and feel that you should have;

2. You believe a loved one made a Will when they lacked the capacity to understand what they were doing;

3. You believe a loved one made a Will as a result of pressure or threats from another;

4. You believe a Will has been forged;

5. You believe a Will has not been made in the correct way;

6. The wording of a Will is unclear and you need to establish how the estate should be divided;

7. Someone has placed an obstacle in your way preventing you, as Personal Representative, from administering an estate;

8. You are a Personal Representative, along with another, and you cannot agree on a way forward;

9. You are a beneficiary and do not agree with the way the estate is being administered;

10. You are a beneficiary and have not received the funds you are entitled to;

11. You believe an Attorney or Deputy appointed to look after a loved ones finances is not doing so correctly;

12. You find a loved one has made a sizeable gift in their lifetime, at a time when they did not have the capacity and understanding to do so, or as a result of someone placing pressure upon them

So what do I do if I think I have a claim?

Contact WBW’s Amy Kernohan for a free no obligation discussion. Please seek advise swiftly as inheritance claims often have to be brought quite soon after someone passes away.