By Caroline Jennings.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing your own equestrian property, you will already be fully au fait with horses and their requirements.

Whilst we feel that many of us will pamper our horses over ourselves by giving them the latest colour rugs, matching buckets etc, a purple bucket would not detract from the overall requirements that they need of being in a safe, good and secure environment.

Here are a few requirements that you should consider before taking the plunge:

  • Will your property have enough grazing for all your horses?
  • If there is stabling, do the current buildings have the correct planning permission – e.g. if you are planning to purchase in Dartmoor National Park, has planning been granted?
  • Are you planning to run the property as a commercial venture – if so will you be able to get the necessary consents?
  •  Are there any environmental constraints – it is no good having beautiful lush pasture in the summer only to find that they will be knee deep in flood water in the winter?
  • What about access for you – do you have necessary rights, if applicable, to cross another party’s track to enter your land?
  • If there is no water or electric to the land, is there an easily accessible water main or electricity supply nearby that you can attach to?

All these are considerations that you will need to think about, and therefore that is why I, as a conveyancer, a member of our Farm and Estates Team and a horse owner of many years, will understand your needs to make both you and the life of your equestrian friends so much easier.