Powers of Attorney are legal documents whereby a person can give another person(s) the authority to make certain decisions on their behalf. On 1st October 2007, Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs) were introduced to replace the old style Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA). There are two types of LPAs:

  • A Financial Decisions LPA, which gives your attorney(s) the authority to deal with your property and finances; and
  • A Health and Care Decisions LPA, which allows your attorney(s) to make welfare and health care decisions on your behalf when you lack the mental capacity to do so yourself.

Whilst EPAs are still valid, they only relate to property and financial affairs decisions. Should you wish to give authority over your health and welfare, you will need to make an LPA. It is recommended that everyone should have a Power of Attorney to save your friends or family difficulties which would arise later on down the line, should you should lose capacity without having such a document in place.

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