At WBW, whether married, living together or in a civil partnership, we understand that if you are considering a separation a major concern may be what the financial outcome of your separation will be.

Often there are worries about the family home and whether you will be able to remain there, the effect upon children’s schooling and the amount of money you will have to live on; as well as how those changes can take place with as much certainty and as little disruption as possible.

At WBW we have a number of experienced practitioners who can assist you with all of those issues and offer practical assistance and secure relevant information about tax or other implications connected with your changing circumstances.

We will be able to explain to you the law which is relevant to your circumstances, the options available to you, both practical and legal and explain the steps that you need to take to achieve that outcome.

We can undertake work in connection with future financial arrangements at fixed costs for suitable cases ~ please discuss this with your adviser at the initial discussion.


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