At WBW we appreciate that seeking advice when you have been subjected to domestic abuse can be a very difficult step to take.

In our experience, domestic abuse takes many forms and can be perhaps best be described as a pattern of controlling or aggressive behaviour by one partner or former partner or their family, towards another.

Such abuse can be demonstrated in a number of ways, physical or emotional, psychological, financial and sometimes in other ways too. Sometimes the abuse actually takes place and sometimes it is threatened, it can be frequent or only happen occasionally.

No matter how the abuse is displayed, you will find those at WBW understanding of your situation and able to offer advice about a range of options available to you, whether legal protection by way of an injunction, advice about support from other agencies or just information to assist you to make decisions for yourself or others in your family.

We can assist with:

  • Non Molestation and Occupation orders
  • Immediate public finding cover subject to clients’ financial circumstances


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