Inheritance disputes, otherwise known as contentious probate claims, are extremely complex and it is essential that a specialist in this field is sought.

WBW Solicitors have a specialist team dedicated to handling Will and inheritance disputes, with extensive experience in all types of claims varying from challenging a Will, Inheritance Act claims and other inheritance disputes.

We take a pragmatic approach to these claims, and actively encourage exploring means of early resolution of disputes, including mediation.

Wills and inheritance claims must be brought very soon after someone’s death, and can be delayed by the estate being distributed before a claim is brought, early advice is essential.

Our Expertise

Our specialist team of inheritance dispute advisers can assist in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Challenging a Will
  • Disputes between executors and beneficiaries
  • Claims against deputies and attorneys
  • Claims against the administration of an estate
  • Grant disputes
  • Lifetime transaction disputes
  • Inheritance Act claims
  • Third party claims over property
  • Provision for estranged spouses


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