With the world in a state of constant change, WBW Solicitors have been helping and advising an ever-increasing number of clients with their personal affairs and amongst these: Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

LPAs are essential documents to put in place, to ensure that trusted individuals (“Attorneys”) are appointed to manage both financial decisions and /or health and care decisions if needed.

With technology becoming ever more useful, and commonplace, in dealing with legal matters, the Government have recently made useful changes to help attorneys manage their responsibilities and obligations.

From 17 July 2020 onwards attorneys on any newly registered LPAs can now manage the use of LPAs through a central online portal. The plan is to eventually extend this to LPAs registered in 2020 and then potentially pre-2020. 

The aim to centralise and digitises the process of what often is a cumbersome process when an attorney must contact each and every bank and organisation separately to “register” their authority to act. This new online tool from the Office of Public Guardian will help those acting as an attorney to contact organisations such as banks more easily. 

WBW Solicitors can offer further advice if needed to attorneys and donors on the making and registration of LPAs, or the management of a donor’s affairs. 

LPAs are legal documents that must be prepared, signed and witnessed according to strict legal standards. This requirement has become ever more complex with the current coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements. 

WBW Solicitors have been working throughout the pandemic and can assist with the preparation and execution of LPAs in a safe and socially distanced environment, no matter whether you can attend one of our offices or not.

Whether you wish to make LPAs or you have questions regarding LPAs made during lockdown, Matthew Cooper – Private Client Associate, would be happy to help – 01626 202418 or matthewcooper@wbw.co.uk.