Whether it is planning for retirement, estate planning or how to fund the cost of care, you may well have considered getting some financial advice. But, financial professionals are now using more and more titles to describe what they do and that can be confusing. However, the work that we most do can generally be distilled into three main areas, namely: financial planning; financial advice; and wealth management.

Some professionals will work distinctly in just one area, whereas others might provide services across all three. Understanding what to expect from each area can help in understanding the type of business/individual that you are dealing with and whether they are likely to be able to handle your issue.

*Please note that there are many variations of qualification under each of these activities.

At WBW Chartered Financial Planners, we believe that, done properly, the combination of all three of these activities can be very powerful in achieving our clients’ goals. A properly thought out and tested plan, implemented through carefully considered financial advice (and input from our Solicitor colleagues where appropriate) and effective wealth management to deliver the growth and/or income required to make the plan work is the holy trinity that every client should strive for.

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Please note that The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate estate planning, tax advice, wills or trusts. The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.