When the business that employs you and enables you to pay the bills announces that they are closing, the question every employee finds themselves asking is– “what are my employment rights?”.

The air of uncertainty created in such circumstances means that job security becomes a genuine worry. Should I jump ship early?; will I be dismissed?; will I receive monies that are due to me?; am I going to be made redundant?, these are all perfectly valid questions.

The recent announcement that Launceston-based food factory Kensey Foods (one of Cornwall’s largest employers) is due to close, will no doubt have caused upset and concern for its estimated 650 members of staff. Kerry Curd, partner at WBW Solicitors said; “In the current uncertain financial climate, we are unfortunately seeing more businesses announcing they are to close their doors.” “Our employment team are increasingly providing advice to employees regarding their rights and exit terms, working with individuals to secure the best possible outcome.”

Where businesses face closure and are not bought out, or rescued, loss of employment is a certainty, but your employer should still explore options such as relocation, or redundancy.  If the business that you work for is insolvent, we can advise you on your legal position and the possibility of securing payments that are due to you from the Redundancy Payments Service.

If your role is at risk and your employer approaches you with a settlement agreement, please contact a member of our employment team who can help with negotiating an exit package and provide advice on your employment rights.

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