1. Purchasing a Freehold Flat – by David Wheaton of WBW Solicitors

    Freehold flats cause alarm bells to ring where most solicitors are concerned. There are two separate situations which need to be considered where, for example, a house has been converted into two flats one above the other. Example one: One flat is held on a lease. The other flat owner owns the freehold of the…

  2. WBW Private Client Team
    WBW Raise New Personal Best for Rowcroft Hospice

    Rowcroft Hospice are a wonderful charity committed to making every day the best day possible for people living with life-limiting illnesses across South Devon. Providing comfort and support to families coping with the hardest days. Rowcroft are reliant on charitable donations, so each year, along with other local solicitors, WBW take part in the Rowcroft…

  3. Insurance Disputes Upset Worker
    Resolving a Business Insurance Dispute – by Jenny Kemp of WBW Solicitors

    When fire engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, people from across the globe rushed to pledge money to help fund the repair costs.  It was a staggering show of generosity that will almost certainly see this iconic French cathedral restored to glory and will secure its future for generations to come. Such an outpouring…

  4. consultancy agreement
    Ensure any strategic project is underpinned by a consultancy agreement – by Laura Clarke of WBW Solicitors

    Organisational change is rarely easy, whether this is the implantation of a new IT system, rebranding or cultural change such as improving diversity within a workforce.  It is time-consuming for senior management, requiring a diversion from ‘business as usual’ and may require skills or experience which are not available within the business. Often a consultant…

  5. Property House Gavel
    Sale of Properties via Court of Protection – by Dawn Owen of WBW Solicitors

    As a Conveyancer, you are used to dealing with all types of property transactions, from the straightforward transactions to the more complex ones. However, sometimes property transactions vary from the norm and the steps involved can greatly differ. This is especially true with elderly or infirm sellers, as they may not have sufficient mental capacity…

  6. Facebook Joint Data Controllers
    Website Operators could be Joint Data Controllers with Facebook… and not even know it! – by Jo O’Donovan of WBW Solicitors

    A Judgment was handed down from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) this week on the 29 July regarding who has responsibility for processing personal data when a website operator has the Facebook ‘like’ button embedded on their website. This was a case between Fashion ID GmbH & Co. KG (Fashion ID) and Facebook Ireland….

  7. Hot Pennies Day Glove
    Honiton’s Hot Pennies Day – Tuesday 23rd July

    Honiton’s annual Hot Pennies Day, which marks the opening of Fair Week, took place on Tuesday 23rd July. The Town Crier, Mayor and Deputy Mayor followed the flower garlanded pole topped by a golden glove through the town centre which was temporarily closed to traffic, followed by a large crowd of locals and visitors alike….

  8. Torbay Five Bays Challenge
    WBW Solicitors Sponsor the Torbay Five Bays Challenge

    WBW Solicitors is pleased to announce they are sponsoring the Torbay Five Bays Challenge organised by the Torbay Athletic Club. This gruelling 10km race is scheduled for Sunday 18th August 2019 at 9.30am and starts and finishes at the picture post card setting of Broadsands Beach. The course will follow the trail uphill to Churston…

  9. commercial building lease assignment
    Consent to lease assignment: quick guide for commercial landlords – by Matthew Scott-Tucker of WBW Solicitors

    A sensible landlord will take great care when picking an initial tenant and should exercise the same caution when deciding whether that tenant should be allowed to assign their lease to someone else.  The difficulty with an assignment is that the circumstances in which consent can be refused are restricted by law, making it crucial…

  10. Helen Davies
    Meet the Conveyancer – Helen Davies of WBW Solicitors

    Whether you are buying or selling a house, or both at once, you need an experienced solicitor on your team. Today we talk to Helen Davies – a Partner in the Property Department at WBW Solicitors. She is primarily based in our Launceston office in Cornwall which she also manages. As well as being a…

  11. fatal negligence compensation
    Claiming compensation for fatal negligence – by Richard Blair of WBW Solicitors

    It is always worrying if a loved one has to go into hospital to receive medical treatment or to undergo surgery. Happily, the vast majority of patients receive the standard of treatment they are entitled to expect. Occasionally however, medical accidents occur. Very rarely a patient dies as a result of mistakes made by medical…

  12. drunk driver beer car keys
    Claiming compensation if you are hit by a drunk driver – by Andrew Wendon of WBW Solicitors

    More than 9,000 people are killed or injured on Britain’s roads every year according to the latest Department for Transport statistics – with 620 accidents involving drink-drivers reported in South West England alone. Driving while over the legal alcohol limit, currently 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath in England, Wales and Northern…

  13. Divorce Finance Sell Business
    Will I have to sell my business for my divorce? – by Fiona Yellowlees of WBW Solicitors

    Divorcing couples or civil partners who have not made plans to protect their business interests through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement could find the intervention of the court particularly devastating when it comes to reaching a financial settlement, as Fiona Yellowlees, a Partner in the Family Law Department at WBW Solicitors in Exeter and Sidmouth,…

  14. First Time Buyer
    First Time Buyer? The Right Time Is Now – by Damien Pedley of WBW Solicitors

    Although there are is great deal of uncertainty in the country due to indecision in Westminster over the “B” word, now is possibly one of the best times for first time buyers to take that leap into home-ownership. Consider the current base interest rate at the Bank of England; although it is not as low…