The overwhelming majority of cataract operations are very successful. For the patient the change from very poor sight to clear and in-focus vision is incredibly pleasing.

However, from time to time, cataract surgery has a poor outcome leaving the patient with restricted vision. There are several possible causes; sometimes doctors treating patients miss pre-existing eye conditions, e.g. macular degeneration or amblyopia, sometimes the poor outcome of the operation is due to surgical complications.

Happily, surgical complications are unusual but can be the result of medical mistakes and accidents. These complications include capsular rupture and vitreous loss, the latter being a relatively common problem and can be very serious for the patient. Very occasionally even more serious problems develop and they can be devastating and life changing.

If you have undergone cataract surgery and the outcome has been poor, you may be entitled either to make a complaint or a claim – or both. Richard Blair, a Partner with WBW Solicitors and a member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel, can advise and assist you with both.

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