Notary Service for Individuals

Prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents for use anywhere in the world

A Notary is a qualified Lawyer, a Member of the third and oldest branch of the Legal Profession in the United Kingdom. Notaries are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and are subject to regulation by the Court of Faculties. The status of a Notary is recognised throughout the world and often documents which are to be sent to foreign jurisdictions will only be accepted if they are notarised i.e. they bear the seal and signature of a Notary.

The Notary’s prime responsibility is to ensure that the notarial act may be relied upon by anyone in the world who may receive the document. This differs from the responsibility of a Solicitor whose main duty is to their client.

The most common notarial services are :

  • Attesting Powers of Attorney and other documents for use in Countries throughout the world including Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, USA, Bulgaria, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Latvia, Holland, Cyprus, China, the Philippines, Switzerland, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates as well as others.
  • Certifying documents relating to Companies registered at Companies House or in Foreign Commercial Registers.
  • Assisting with documents required for Companies abroad.
  • Attesting Tender documents and other documents which require to be signed on behalf of a Company for use abroad.
  • Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (sometimes called “Obtaining an Apostille”) and for legalisation when necessary from the relevant Embassy.
  • Administering Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations for Scotland and Foreign jurisdictions.
  • Certifying copies of academic qualifications, Passports and other documents.
  • Affidavits confirming freedom to marry (often required to marry abroad).
  • Attesting Spanish Wills.
  • Documents for Foreign Adoption applications.

This is an extremely specialised service, and for further information on it, please contact us.

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