Inheritance Disputes & Challenging a Will

Claims to challenge a Will are on the rise and families are facing claims against a loved ones estate far more frequently than ever before.

Claims surrounding a loved ones death will undoubtedly involve significant heartache and, often, anger. For this reason, it is essential that not only is specialist advice sought but also that your legal representative has the compassion and understanding required to manage your claim in the correct way.

Claims to challenge a Will, otherwise known as contentious probate claims, are extremely complex and it is essential that a specialist in this field is sought. WBW Solicitors have a specialist team dedicated to handling Will and inheritance disputes. Amy Read has extensive experience in all types of claims to challenge a Will, Inheritance Act claims and other inheritance disputes. Amy also has the essential background experience in a wide range of Private Client matters extending further still her expertise in this complex and specialist field.  Amy is accompanied by Jacqui Neate, a Graduate Member of CILEX.

We take a pragmatic approach to these claims, and actively encourage exploring means of early resolution of disputes, including mediation.

As many Will and inheritance claims must be brought very soon after someone’s death, and can be hindered by the estate being distributed before a claim is brought, early advice is essential.

If you wish to discuss a potential claim, please contact the team’s secretary and client co-ordinator, Kate Oakden, on 01626 202394 or for a free no obligation consultation with one of our specialists.

Please explore our approach to the various different categories of will and inheritance disputes, which can be found to the side of the page.



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