Accidents & Injuries

Have you been involved in an accident

Your day starts as normal but at some stage during the day you have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, suffer an accident at work or whilst out and about generally minding your own business suffer an injury.  As a consequence you find yourself having to cope with this unexpected injury through no fault of your own which affects your ability to carry out your normal day to day activities.

The course of action you take will depend upon the circumstances of your accident.  Below is a list of different ways in which you may have become injured, along with a list of thing to do after the accident.

1. Road Traffic Accident

If you were in the car, perhaps on your way to work when another vehicle pulled in front of you or perhaps ran into the back of you it is likely that you secured the other drivers name, address, telephone number and insurance details. It may be you were not driving the car, you may have been the passenger, been driving a motorcycle or been hit as a cyclist or pedestrian. It is not unusual for individuals responsible for an accident to be very apologetic at the scene but once they have had a few hours to think about it become less apologetic.  To ensure that the driver responsible for the damage to your car and yourself does not have the opportunity of changing the circumstances of the accident, perhaps absolving themselves from any blame you may have:-

2. My accident occurred at work

The scope to suffer an injury whilst undertaking your usual duties at work are very wide ranging.  As part of your role you may be used to lifting heavy bags, work with heavy machinery or complex equipment, you may be used to working at heights using harnesses, or caring for individuals who may on occasion become violent.   Whatever the nature of your work however your injury occurs we can help you consider who was responsible.

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3. My accident occurred whilst walking down the street

Sadly there are a number of ways in which a person can suffer a personal injury through no fault of their own.   There may be a defect in the pavement, builders may be working on a building and allow something to fall on you, the swing in the park may break whilst your child is on it, there are numerous possibilities.

4. Abused as a child or vulnerable adult

If you found yourself, perhaps years ago, at the mercy of an individual or individuals who abused you mentally, physically or sexually we can help.  It may be for years you have been too scared to come forward, perhaps assuming that no-one will believe you.  Perhaps the more recent highly publicised child abuse cases has given you the confidence to come forward.

You will also want to know:

What do I do once I have the contact details for the person I believe was responsible?

If you contact us we will liaise directly with the individual, organisation, business or insurer responsible.

What if I need treatment for my injuries?

Often insurers will now offer what they call rehabilitation.   They may offer this rehabilitation or treatment prior to making any admission.   The aim is to try and reduce any symptoms you may be suffering as a consequence of the injury sustained.

When you have been left out of pocket

If having suffered an injury you find yourself unable to return to work, in need of special equipment, care and assistance and/or different accommodation we can help. Having been left without a means of earning money to pay your bills you may feel desperate and at a loss.  In this situation we can help you through the legal process to secure financial compensation for the past, present and likely future losses.

How do we work out the value of your claim?

If we can show that someone was at fault and that as a consequence of their error you suffered an injury you are entitled to recover:-

But I have no money, how can I afford legal assistance?

As experienced personal injury solicitors we can find ways to finance a personal injury claim.  We are confident that we will be able to secure you a way of funding your claim when negligence has occurred causing you injury which will not leave you in debt.

Can I think about what I want to do?

When you are already under pressure we do not wish to add to that pressure.  We can go through the options available to you and it is important that you then decide what, if anything you wish to do. It is important however that you are aware of a three year limitation date.   You have three years from the date of your injury in which to issue Court proceedings.

How do I know you will do a good job?

We have four solicitors at the firm who specialise in injury type cases.   As a mark of excellence the Law Society, APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and ACAL (Association of Child Abuse Lawyers) have specialist panels.   Only solicitors who can demonstrate through their working practice that they handle injury claims on a daily basis with good results will be admitted on to these specialist panels.   We have panel specialists who will be able to help you.

Our loved one was fatally injured and we are facing an inquest

The trauma of losing a loved one is difficult enough, to then be faced with a formal inquest hearing may be a hurdle too far.  We can help by representing you at any forthcoming inquest.

How should I contact you?

Please contact us on 01626 202404, 01803 202404 or 01392 202404 and ask to speak to Therese Classon or Jane Couch in our Newton Abbot, Devon Office, Richard Blair in our Torquay, Devon office or Martin White in our Exeter, Devon office.

Do I have to come in and see you?

We are happy to discuss any problems you may have over the telephone.   It is often nice however to meet with you and shake your hand to establish a bond of trust.  Please do not worry if travelling to us will be problematic, we are flexible and will travel to you if need be at a time convenient to you.

Who have WBW helped in the past?

We have attached to this page a number of case reports for you to consider.  We hope we have given you a variety of cases to consider.  Should you decide to ask for our help but would rather we did not ever refer to your case on our website, we would be respectful of that.  The selection of cases which have been reported on the website are with the full consent of our clients.

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