Employment Advice for Employers

Effective advice on issues that arise in the workplace

A loyal and happy workforce is important to any business. WBW can help you provide consistent and fair treatment to your staff and put in place clear contractual terms and policies to ensure that your workforce remain a valuable asset.

Keeping up with the vast changes in employment law is onerous and employers are all too often unaware of their liabilities until it is too late. It is as important for employers to be preemptive in their understanding of employment law and regulations, as it is for employees to be reactive against those they feel have been breached.

We will help keep your business up to date with changes in employment law by sending regular employment law updates and hosting seminars. We also offer law audits to examine your contracts of employment, staff handbooks and disciplinary procedures to ensure that you are up to date. Our team of experienced solicitors will be happy to meet you at your premises, whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees.

Our aim is to iron out problems in your business before they advance to the Employment Tribunal. In the case of a dispute, we urge businesses not to act until they have spoken to one of our team, since many employers seriously damage their prospects of success in any subsequent dispute by acting without advice.

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